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How To Sneak Alcohol Into A Festival

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your festival wardrobe and, most importantly, how to sneak in your own booze.  However, with the outrageous price of drinks at festivals, it’s no wonder that many people look for creative and sneaky ways to bring their own booze. 

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to achieve this without getting caught. Festival drinks can be very expensive and the costs will mount up over a weekend, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some creative and sneaky ways to bring your own bottle! 

Refill a Water Bottle

Water bottles

First up is the classic water bottle trick. Empty out a clear water bottle and fill it with your drink of choice, a clear drink such as vodka and lemonade or gin and tonic would be ideal. This method is the least obvious and won’t raise any suspicion, just make sure you don’t mix up your water bottle with someone else’s. That could lead to a very interesting and potentially disastrous situation.

Hip Flasks

Brown hip flask

For those who like to keep it old school, hip flasks are the way to go. They’re compact and easy to conceal. You can slip them into your wellies or even your bra, but be careful not to give the game away by walking around with a lopsided chest. That might be a little too obvious. You could tuck one, or several into your belt or various places under your clothing. 

Secret Compartments

If you’re feeling daring, why not try a secret compartment in your bag? Rucksacks are perfect for hiding bottles, and even smaller bags like purses and bum bags have sneaky little pockets where you can stash your alcohol. However, be sure to remember where you put it, so you don’t end up with a bag full of unexpected surprises.

Wine Box Bags

For those who prefer to go incognito, wine box bags are a great option. They’re discreet and can easily be hidden under your clothing. Remove the bag from the wine box and tuck it away, and no one will know. Make sure not to spill though, or you’ll end up smelling like a winery.

A Mouthwash Bottle

Mouthwash bottle filled with alcohol

Those empty Listerine bottles can come in handy for sneaking in a fruity cocktail. Mix up a colourful Mojito or Blue Lagoon and it’ll look just like your mouthwash. However, don’t forget it’s in there though or you’ll have a shock in the morning. 

Hollow Out a Loaf

Many people bring their own food to festivals, so hiding a few drinks in your food is another option. You could hollow out a loaf of bread and fit a few miniatures of wine or spirits inside. Or perhaps a pack of bread rolls could come in handy. Just scoop out the bread inside and each one could fit a mini bottle. Another cunning idea, if you dare!

Hiding it in Food Containers

Pringles tube with crisps on the table

Larger food containers, such as a tube of Pringles could easily disguise a small bottle of drink. Eat most of the pack first, then hide the bottle in the bottom of the tube, saving a few Pringles to put back in on top of your drink. No-one will ever know! 

Boozy Tampon Tubes

Have you ever heard of Booze Tubes? If not, you’re in for a treat! It’s a clever way to discreetly bring your own drinks without raising any suspicions. These tubes come disguised as a box of tampons, where you can fill each tampon with your drink, seal it up and it looks like your everyday essentials. 

Sunscreen Bottles

Orange sun screen bottle

Last but not least, the sunscreen bottle trick. Fill up a sunscreen bottle with your drink of choice, and no one will ever suspect a thing. Don’t forget to rinse the bottle out thoroughly first, or you’ll end up with some strange tasting drinks! 

So remember to drink responsibly and look after those around you. Drinking alcohol in the hot sun can quickly lead to dehydration, so make sure you’re also drinking plenty of water throughout the day. And take some breaks, festivals can be overwhelming, both physically and mentally.

With these tips, you’ll be able to save some cash and enjoy the festival with your own personal bar. Who needs expensive and overpriced drinks when you can BYOB? Cheers to that!

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