How much do artists get paid for festivals?

festival headliner

Have you ever wondered about how much artists get paid for performing at festivals? Some artists will spend months crafting an unforgettable headline set, whereas others will be performing a routine set as part of their tour, so not all is equal. But what are the average earnings of a music festival performer and a […]

Best Small, Lesser-Known Music Festivals

Outdoor festival

There is a time and a place for a big music festival and they can be the highlight of your year. However, the really big festivals of the world can also be a monumental effort to attend. With big crowds, large distances and big expenses, sometimes you just want something on a smaller scale. That’s […]

How to Get a Press Pass for Music Festivals

Festival Press Pass

Getting a press pass at music festivals allows you to access backstage areas of the event, liaise with others with special passes including performers, and allows access to the event without the need to purchase a ticket. For fans of music festivals, it’s clear why gaining a press pass is an attractive proposition. Those who […]

How To Get Into Music Festivals For Free

Walking around festival

Just missed out on a ticket to a festival that you’re dying to go to? We’ve all had that dreaded feeling of FOMO when all of your friends are off to a festival that you just couldn’t nab a ticket to, or maybe you just couldn’t afford it this year. But thankfully most festivals do […]

10 Best Music Festivals in the World

Best Festivals in the World

Attending a music festival can be one of the most intense, awe-inspiring experiences you have in life and many people find themselves completely addicted to the atmosphere and thrill. Whilst you may get your first taste of the wonders of music festivals close to home, there are plenty of incredible events to explore all over […]

10 Best European Music Festivals

Best European Music Festivals

Something about listening to music is so therapeutic. From connecting people to help clear the mind, music does this thing where it just exists and makes lives a lot less miserable. But what happens when we combine the idea of music and festivals? Well, talking about music and festivals, how about exploring the top 10 […]

15 Best UK Music Festivals For Your Bucket List

Gofesti festival essentials

Many people would consider the UK the home of music festivals. With a long history of iconic annual events that have become the pinnacle of many artists’ careers. What’s more is the British enthusiasm to fill their boots with music and camping, no matter how muddy those boots get! Coupled with being a nation of […]

How To Remove A Festival Wristband Without Cutting It

Girl with festival wristbands

We’ve all been there. Whilst removing your festival wristband can really feel like the experience is over and it’s back to normal life, unfortunately it might have to go. Whilst some choose to keep their wristband on permanently, many people work in an environment where it’s slightly inappropriate. And then there are hygiene factors to […]