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Have you ever wondered how many incredibly awesome and fun festivals might be out there that you’re still unaware of? Festivals that might be more exciting and entertaining than your commonly known ones. Well, this article happens to dive deep into such small unknown festivals around the world that you might wanna know about.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Celebrated in beautiful Hong Kong, the Bun Festival is one of the biggest festivals held on the island of Cheung Chau. The festival was first celebrated to mark the ending of the plague that had taken over the island. The event is observed for almost a week and the highlights include the parade with children’s floats, the bun tower climbing competition and eating vegetarian foods. You’ll be shocked to know that the official bun supplier for the festival named Kwok Kam Kee,supplies over 60,000 buns to the fiesta! Crazy, right?

Boryeong Mud Festival

Attracting millions of visitors every year, Boryeong Mud Festival is South Korea’s one famous festival. This exciting festival involves people enjoying themselves in mud pools, mudslides and mud skiing and each one of them can be seen soaked in mud. Well, it might sound a little weird about how getting drenched in mud can be fun, but it’s important to note that Boryeong’s mud is not just some normal mud. The mud here is famous because it is rich in natural minerals and nutrients which have proven to be amazing for one’s skin.

Lopburi Monkey Banquet

Widely known as Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand’s Lopburi Monkey Banquet is a treat to the eyes! The history dates back to1989 when a local businessman thought of an incredible idea to attract tourists and at the same time pay his gratitude to monkeys by feeding them various fruits and vegetables. By now you must’ve guessed what goes down at this festival. With the thought of bringing in good luck to the area and people living there, the Lopburi Province north of Bangkok feeds about 2,000-3,000 macaque monkeys every year. Natives tend to set up a magnificent feast that involves 4,000 kilograms of fruits, vegetables, cakes and candies. So amazing, right?!

Up-Helly Aa

Celebrated every year between January to March, Up-Helly Aa is a very famous fire festival in Scotland. The festival is typically celebrated on Shetland Island and it symbolizes the end of the Yule season. The event was first organized in the 1880s and since then it has successfully attracted thousands of locals and tourists to acknowledge and honor the cultural heritage of the area. The celebration of the festival includes almost 1,000 warriors or ‘guizers’. They’re seen carrying swords and shields, wearing helmets, and marching through the streets of Lerwick. Each of them also carries a fencing post, drenched in firing material, paraffin, and when it gets dark in the evening the torches are lit, fireworks are exploded and the burning parade begins.

World El Colacho

How weird would it be for you to watch a bunch of people dressed as red and yellow-masked devils jumping over babies who’re lying on the mattresses on the streets? Well, surprisingly, this is a festival celebrated by people in Spain. Also known as the Baby Jumping Festival, the history of this event dates back to the1620s and since then it has been celebrated every year in mid-June in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia. The significance of this festival is to represent the victory of good over evil and it is also believed that this festival is celebrated to make sure a safe life for the babies by blessing them and keeping them off the evil spirits.

International Hair Freezing Contest

This unusual festival belongs to Canada and is every year celebrated in February. It is no surprise that winters in the North are extremely cruel. But in the town of Whitehorse, Yukon, you’ll be surprised to witness a rare visual of people competing to create the weirdest frozen hair sculptures. The highlight of this festival involves contenders drenching their heads in cold water. And due to cold temperatures outside, their hair slowly starts to sculpt into icy hairstyles as soon as they lift their heads.

Running of the Bulls

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then Pamplona’s well-known running of the bull’s event is your one-stop destination. Celebrated every year in July, this controversial event tends to attract hundreds of daredevils from all across the world to run in front of six wild powerful bulls and six steers through the narrow and old lanes of the city. In the evening people get to witness bullfights and throughout the event, visitors get access to amazing food, drinks and other appealing performances.

Battle of the Oranges

Celebrated every year in the Italian town of Ivera, Battle of the Oranges involves contestants throwing 600,000 kgs of oranges at each other. The festival is celebrated to acknowledge the city’s famous historic carnival called Shrove Tuesday. The main purpose of the event is to recreate the combat between the locals and the Royal Napoleonic troops that was held in the12th-century. This Italian festival definitely secures its place on the list of one of the biggest food fights held in the country.

Cheese-Rolling Festival

If all these festivals weren’t weird enough for you, then here’s England’s Cheese Rolling Festival. Held at Cooper’s Hill, which is situated in South West England, the event includes a competition where competitors are seen running down the hill to chase a nine-pound round cheese. The one who reaches the finish line first is declared as the winner and gets to keep the cheese as their award. That’s it. That’s the festival! Pretty strange, huh?

Día de Los Muertos

Translated as Day of the Dead Festival in English, this Mexican festival is an event dedicated to the departed souls. Kind of similar to Halloween, this festival is celebrated in November and the day is observed as a traditional holiday in Mexico. In this carnival, family and friends gather together to remember the ones who have passed away. Instead of seeing this day as a day to mourn their loved ones, people usually tend to celebrate by treating the souls of the dead with their favorite food and drinks. It is believed that on this day the souls of the deceased are awakened and they arrive back to earth to enjoy themselves with their loved ones.

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